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One-click away from face-to-face Conversation

From now on, keeping connection alive is just about showing up!

See who in your professional network is online

One click to say hi

Have a face-to-face conversation in seconds

Expand your network with recommendation from Sparks

Match with people who can boost your career without any work

A day at the park

Join stress-free networking happy hour

Simply create a short description about yourself

You will be matched with an attendee every 5 minutes

Decide in the end who you want to follow up with

Jump in virtual working channel for a 10 minutes break

Job seeking is a lonely road. Jump in during the break time and have some fun!

Share a fun meme!

Learn something quick in 10 minutes!

Vent about life!

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What if someone doesn't use Sparks?

We have the tool to help too!


Don't miss a beat

Sparks browser extension prompts you to follow up on conversations at the right time

Track all your job search activities in one place: email intro, linkedin inbox, fb messenger, job applications and more!
Track conversations on all platforms
Don't miss out on another opportunity

Put your best foot forward

Boost your networking success rate!

Work with our best practice email and cover letter template

Build off of best practice templates we compiled from thousands of emails

Avoid back and forth email with calendar link

Send a calendar link to get to a face-to-face conversation asap


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This is just so neat! Absolutely wonderful!

Emma — Web Designer

Sparks vision is just really unique. It is like importing all the best stuff about that in-person conversation into an online experience

Ella — Fundraiser for Non-profit

Sparks is truly community oriented. I love how much the team is committed to building community and facilitating genuine connections. That's just too rare in this time

Raymond — User researcher

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